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Group online lessons

Learning Japanese in a small group is the most cost-efficient way to learn Japanese with native instructors

What is Japademy


Learning through group lessons with our instructors bring you the flexibility to study from home while keeping the same level of interaction and personalization as in a classroom


Native Instructors

Connect with real Japanese teachers who can also speak English and are 100% ready to help you improve


Practice more

Group lessons are a great way to boost your motivation during your learning journey as you can practice with people who share the same passion to learn Japanese


Enhanced Learning Activities

Practice with additional material to review and practice what you learn during our lessons. Fast improvement guaranteed

Join our Group Lessons!

Start learning Japanese in small groups of 3 ~ 4 students who share the same passion and motivation as you

With our group online lessons, you get…

The best Japanese learning experience brought to you by the greatest instructors

Japanese Language Certificate

Certificate on Level Completion

The perfect way to prove your Japanese language skills

Japanese Learning Online

Convenient Learning

Join your lesson using Zoom. All learning material provided

Japanese Video Course

Free Online
Video Courses

Get exclusive access to our video courses and learn 24/7

Japademy Group Lessons Discount

Cost-efficient Learning Experience

Enjoy learning from the best instructors at the lowest price

Pricing & Payments

Pay your lessons via Local Bank Transfer or Credit / Debit card
– we accept AUD, USD, CAD, SGD, EUR and GBP –

1) To pay via Local Bank Transfer please contact us at hello@japademy.com

2) Do not complete payment before confirming you have been allocated to a group

3) Make sure to read and understand our Lessons Rules

General Course

Our most comprehensive course with an all-rounded curriculum covering everything including speaking, reading and writing

Groups available

(Next term: 15 September ~ 03 December)
Beginner 1
Thursday or Friday
7:00PM ~ 8:35PM (GMT+11)




nevolu-check-icon-green-32px 90 minutes-lessons
nevolu-check-icon-green-32px 1 lesson a week
nevolu-check-icon-green-32px Class Handouts
nevolu-check-icon-green-32px Practice Flashcards
nevolu-check-icon-green-32px Audio practice (in-lesson)
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nevolu-check-icon-green-32px Free Access to video courses *

What makes us special?

Our online courses and live instructor lessons combine the experience of our highly trained and experienced Japanese native instructors


Japanese spoken

Our courses and lessons are conducted at almost 100% in Japanese. Providing a maximum exposure to the language helps students to develop the ability to get used to listening, thinking and speaking in Japanese


Situation-based exercises

We provide a wide range of situation-based exercises and examples, which help our students to quickly become familiar with common real-life situations, enabling them to communicate in a big range of scenarios


Practical Vocabulary

Building a great vocabulary is essential to speaking any language. We introduce a natural range of vocabulary that is easy for you to remember and commonly spoken by native speakers


Cultural emphasis

Our courses frequently introduce you to many of the different Japanese cultures and customs, making your learning journey more exciting as well as helping you to understand and communicate better with Japanese people

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the lessons?
Before starting your lessons we will share a Google Calendar event with a ZOOM link for you to join your lessons.

What will be the schedule of my lessons?
We open several groups for each level (from Beginner I up until Advanced III), you can choose which group you would like to be part of according to your current Japanese skills. Please notice that sometimes for some levels may not have open groups as there are not enough students for the group to be opened.

What is the teaching methodology?
We follow a structured methodology in which for each lesson you will be introduced to a new topic/grammar and will have the chance to master it by practising with your instructor and other group members.

Who will be teaching me?
Based on your availability you will be assigned a teacher from our highly trained team of native Japanese instructors. You can know more about them here!

Who are Japanese group lessons for?
People who prefer learning from the comfort of their home; want a structured course that takes their Japanese to the next level; are excited to live a learning experience in the company of other people who share their same passion, and seek to practice what they have learned with instant feedback.

Lessons Rules

Groups opening
Group lessons are between 3 ~ 4 students only. New groups are opened once we have got enough expressions of interest from our students to open a group. In case a group cannot be opened, any payments made by students enrolled in such a group are refunded.

Rescheduling Notice
If unable to attend a lesson:

  • If possible, provide at least 3 hours notice as this helps our instructors to prepare better for the lessons
  • Our instructors will send you any learning material used during the lesson to your email to study during your own time

Cancellations and Refunds
We do not provide refunds for unattended lessons.

Australian Public Holidays:

For students in Australia, lessons will be conducted as usual during the Australian Public Holidays.

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