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Private online lessons

Our native instructors develop lessons targeted to your needs. Discover the Japanese culture with us.


Learning with us through live lessons with our instructors bring you the flexibility to study at your own pace from home while keeping the same level of interaction and personalization as in a classroom


Native Instructors

Connect with real Japanese teachers who can also speak English and are 100% ready to help you improve.


Personalized Guidance

From day 1 our instructors will develop their lessons to support your learning path. Learn based on your goals.


Learning Activities

Practice with additional material to review and practice what you learn during our lessons.

What makes us special?

Our online courses and live instructor lessons combine the experience of our highly trained and experienced Japanese native instructors


Japanese spoken

Our courses and lessons are conducted at almost 100% in Japanese. Providing a maximum exposure to the language helps students to develop the ability to get used to listening, thinking and speaking in Japanese


Situation-based exercises

We provide a wide range of situation-based exercises and examples, which help our students to quickly become familiar with common real-life situations, enabling them to communicate in a big range of scenarios


Practical Vocabulary

Building a great vocabulary is essential to speaking any language. We introduce a natural range of vocabulary that is easy for you to remember and commonly spoken by native speakers


Cultural emphasis

Our courses frequently introduce you to many of the different Japanese cultures and customs, making your learning journey more exciting as well as helping you to understand and communicate better with Japanese people

Be part of our community

We are developing a community to bring Japanese food, anime, music, martial arts and much more to your life


Enjoy our articles, events, posts, educational material, videos and deep dive in the culture of the rising sun. Join us today!

Bringing our culture to you

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Gypsy & Pig

Melbourne, Australia

The first restaurant in Australia to serve Kurobuta Pork, the most highly prized pork in Japan

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